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Empower Network Hit’s $1,000,221.20 in 3 weeks:) Congratulations everyone!

by davidsharpe | on Nov 23rd 2011 | No Comments

Hey Empower Network …and Empower Network onlookers and supporters 

Weve accomplished something monumental.

A million dollars in sales, and we did it in less than a month!


When Dave and I were working behind the scenes before we launched, we watched a video together from a prolific leader who talked about the empowering feeling of creating your own economy and taking responsibility for your future.

I was inspired then.

However, right now:

I am inspired even more.

By you.

Everyone of you.

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Because you have done that. 

When we launched publicly on October 31, 2011, we knew we would experience momentum, but our growth has exceeded our expectations. However, what were most proud of is not the fact that weve hit a million dollars so quick, but that weve done it TOGETHER, with our leaders, and our members. UNIFIED, which is exactly the way we envisioned things all along. Our strength not only comes from our sheer numbers, but from the quality of the people involved. Our missions is to change lives, help businesses and inspire more entrepreneurs to follow their dreams …and work more intelligently to achieve them.

In the spirit of the holidays, many people focus on finding something to be grateful for. Well we have many. Our people. Their success. How weve simplified business and life for so many people. But also the challenges and struggles. Because nothing great ever happens without hardship. However, we are experiencing life together, and giving people a place they can learn and grow .and tap into the resources and knowledge base of a transparent and empowering community of leaders and entrepreneurs. For that we are grateful.

Today, we celebrate not only the MILLION DOLLAR mark that we’ve hit, but we also each other. Because without USA, nothing is possible.

Congratulations Empower Network.

Youve seized the moment.

You are changing the world, and you are helping the people.

Celebrate your success …and celebrate each other!

- David Sharpe 
Proud Co-Founder of The Empower Network

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Max International

Darren J Aikens




*Success Is Easy, But So Is Neglect: LISTEN TO : Jim Rohn

People often ask me how I became successful in the last seven-year period of my life while many of the people I knew did not. The answer is simple: The things I found to be easy to do, they found to be easy not to do. I found it easy to set the goals that could change my life. They found it easy not to. I found it easy to read the books that could affect my thinking and my ideas. They found that easy not to. I found it easy to attend the classes and the seminars, and to get around other successful people. They said it probably really wouldn't matter.

If I had to sum it up, I would say what I found to be easy to do, they found to be easy not to do. Seven years later, I've hit a six figure income 3 times and they are all still blaming the economy, the government, and company policies, yet they neglected to do the basic, easy things. 

In fact, the primary reason most people are not doing as well as they could and should can be summed up in a single word: neglect.

It is not the lack of money--banks are full of money. It is not the lack of opportunity--America, and much of the free world, continues to offer the most unprecedented and abundant opportunities . . . . It is not the lack of books--libraries are full of books--and they are free! It is not the schools--the classrooms are full of good teachers. We have plenty of ministers, leaders, counselors and advisors.

Everything we would ever need to become rich and powerful and sophisticated is all within our reach. The major reason that so few take advantage of all that we have is simply neglect.

Neglect is like an infection. Left unchecked it will spread throughout our entire system of disciplines and eventually lead to a complete breakdown of a potentially joy-filled and prosperous human life.

Not doing the things we know we should do causes us to feel guilty and guilt leads to an erosion of self-confidence. As our self-confidence diminishes, so does the level of our activity. And as our activity diminishes, our results inevitably decline. And as our results suffer, our attitude begins to weaken. And as our attitude begins the slow shift from positive to negative, our self-confidence diminishes even more... and on and on it goes. 

So my suggestion is that when given the choice of "easy to" and "easy not to" that you do not neglect to do the simple, basic, "easy" but potentially life-changing activities and disciplines.

Success is Easy by Jim Rohn.

Darren,I wish for you a life of wealth, health and happiness; a life in which you give to yourself the gift of patience, the virtue of reason, the value of knowledge, and the influence of faith in your own ability to dream about and achieve worthy rewards.       Jim Rohn 1-7-05


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