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Subject:    $1,000,221.20 in 3 weeks  Congratulations everyone!

Body:  I just this email from Dave Wood. It will explain
everything. Just read it…….


—-Fwd Email—

I don’t really know what to say right now.

A minute ago, I happened to be logged
in to the back office down at Empower

…and I refreshed the screen:

admin pic 1

Now I didn’t know how much money
we had paid out to the people until
that moment…

…and I went into a minute of pure suspense.

I called my partner David Sharpe – and I

“Dave, Dave – login man, we’ve almost
paid people a MILLION dollars in 3

He said – “no way”

So Dave logged in…

…we refreshed the screen.


…so we refreshed it again.

You won’t believe what we saw…

…so I’ll just show you:

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admin pic 2

$1,000,221.20 paid OUT to the people…

Just decide to take action.

I can’t tell you the way I feel right now.

Because we just pulled off a million
dollar launch…

…in 3 weeks.

This launch was different, though.


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Because this launch wasn’t about
the Gurus – it was about empowering
the people.

This launch didn’t put $1,000,221.20
into my pocket…

…this launch put $1,000,221.20 into
YOUR pocket.

No Gurus participated.

This was ALL the people.

The nobodies – who have now
became somebody – because the
had a dream, and never, ever quit.

Congratulations Empower Network.

In 3 1/2 short weeks…

…you and I have changed history.

If you’re in the Empower Network,
I just wanted to tell you how grateful
I am.

You guys have made my dream a

We’ve struggled.

We’ve had legal issues.

I’ve been in a hotel for 3 weeks straight,
and haven’t seen my wife almost at

We’ve had merchant issues.

We’ve had international issues.

Yet you and I have overcame them all.


You’ve done it.

What will we do in the next 3 weeks?

Join Here.

Here’s a list of people I could not have
done this without (note, that I can’t list
all 8,324 members of the Empower


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