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Start receiving your 100% commissions today!

Things you need to know before you start!

Just a few items to get the best start in using your Empower Network site to make the most money you can the quickest you can! The following items should be done so you can get off to a fast start. Make sure you get this site in front of any new members as quickly as you can!

The first thing you need to do is set up a payment method in your back office of Empower Network so you can start making money right away! PayPal is the fastest way to get started while you wait for your merchant account to be set up. You want to set up PayPal and a Merchant Account. For International members PayPal is the only option until next week or so.  Follow the steps below:

SITE CONTENT-Here is a summary of the steps listed on this site

  1. Set up your PayPal to take immediate payments: Make sure your account is a Premier account or you need to upgrade (FREE to do).
  2. Set up your PayPal Button in your profile in your Empower Network back office.
  3. Get a short domain and forward it to the lead capture page you got in your welcome email.
  4. Set up a merchant account when you are ready. Most do both PayPal and Merchant account. If you don't have a merchant account you can get one in about 24 hours if order is placed during the week.  Paypal can be set up quickly to begin promoting your business. Note that if you only have a PayPal Button you need to get a merchant account at your earliest as they only allow you to make a certain amount of money each month or they freeze your account til you explain what business you have. So if you are going to make a serious business out of this and you want to earn more than $5,000 a month, which is extremely doable here and more, then you really need to have a Merchant account. It allows you to access your money faster and they charge a percent less in fees than PayPal.
  5. Follow the instructions below for your Merchant account recurring payments when you get your account from Flagship.
  6. See the tools below
  7. How the comp plan works ?  ..empowerglobalnetworkcomplan
  8. Now you are ready to watch your fast training videos in the back office by logging in to your site at : https://www.empowernetwork.com/login.php and start Blogging!
  9. If you are not at the $100 level then upgrade as quickly as you can or you will be passing $100 to your upline. Purchase the $500 Costa Rica Intensive as soon as you can as well to be able to sell that as well.     **  Join our Face book Fan Page

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1) PayPal: You will need a PayPal account that is verified AND it must be either a Premier (Free) or business account. Most people have a verified account with PayPal but not necessarily a premium account which is free. If you don't have a Premier account and just a personal one then go to PayPal and click on profile click on my settings then click the upgrade button. If you need help contact PayPal customer support at PayPal.  Again, call customer support if you have any questions or get stuck. They will walk you through everything. Just click on the little blue help link at the top of the page after you log in. then click contact us by email or phone (bottom choice on right side) and they are available after hours.

2) Setting up your PayPal Button to take orders for Empower Network:
http://www.empowernetwork.com/blog/paypal-problems-solved-finally/    Follow these instructions to the letter!

I don't have a PayPal account. How do I get one and what type of account do I need? This is pretty simple and in most cases can be done in a matter of a few minutes. Go to www.paypal.com and register for a new account. Get verified and upgrade to a Premier account.

NOTE: Make absolutely sure you enter the correct PayPal primary email found in your PayPal profile when updating your Empower profile at : https://www.empowernetwork.com/login.php  or your PayPal payment button will not function properly.

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3) Getting a Domain Name  


We suggest that you get a short easy to spell domain to forward to your affiliate links for your Empower Network sites such as easymoney.com or joinwithEd.com. We suggest you stay away from any confusing spelling like NuMoneytoday.com. Think about what people could misspell if they hear this in a voicemail.

When you order your domains, go in and forward them to the links below. The only one that some don't do links for is the presentation site. Most will use the capture page as they like to be notified, by email, who went in to their site to view the film and also your prospects get auto-responder messages.

If you have any problems setting up your domain call customer service and they will walk you through this.

NOTE: Your .com should cost you no more that $10 and change and .nets and others extensions are only $2.12 per year. As you check out you do not need any of the add ons they offer and make sure you change the registration length from 5 years to 1 year. If your check out runs any more than that, you need to delete it and start over again or call customer service to ask them what to do. But all you need is a domain, nothing more. If your budget is very tight just get a .info, .net or .biz domain and forward that to your capture page link you got in your welcome email.

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4) SETTING UP YOUR MERCHANT ACCOUNT- You have two choices of which I will explain the pros and cons and you can decide which option you would like to use. Many of us have Authorize.Net but we HIGHLY recommend Flagship Merchant Services.

RECOMMENDED-Authorization.net merchant accounts:
Mathieu Olivier
Senior Account Representative
Flagship Merchant Services
Office 866-416-0244 Ext 119
Fax: 866-682-1752
[email protected]


  • Personal Account Rep who is always accessible
  • NO Contract-Cancel at any time
  • Set Up is within 24 hours during business days-Much faster than the next option.
  • If you call Mathieu and let him know you are referring someone to him or send him and email, they pay a referral fee of $50 after 2 months of paid and active service on the referrals account. This will be sent to you in the form of a $50 AMEX debit card.
  • Bad Credit is not an issue with this company.
  • Monthly Service fee is only $16.95 per month
  • Standard Credit Card Visa/Mastercard/Discover transaction fee is 2.04%
  • Debit transaction fee is 0.99%
  • American Express transaction fee is 3.25%


  • Monthly fee for monthly subscriptions-Setting your members up on their monthly subscriptions is a flat $10. Best time to set up your customers monthly subscriptions is the same day they join. See this attachment below to print up and keep next to you for processing!
  • You need to manually go to your merchant account back office and set each payment up to charge monthly (this should be set up to automatically do this soon)

Once this account has been set up you will receive an email with your Authorize.net ARB login Key and Transaction Key. You will go to your profile in your back office of Empower Network and enter those in those boxes. You will find your profile under the My Business tab. You will see a section for LinkPoint as well. You will either use Authorize.net or Linkpoint, not both. Leave the boxes empty for the company you are not using when you enter information in this section.  Once your information is entered for your merchant account in your profile Press the update your profile button and test it by using the blue link at the bottom of your profile page. You can call merchant support if you need help. That number will be in your welcome email form Flagship Merchant Services.

2nd choice- Empower Network Merchant Account vendor
The first video in your training tells you how to fill out the application and submit it and how to enter the information in the back office. There are several reasons why we recommend the first option even though it is $7 more a month than this vendor.

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  • You do not have direct access to your rep
  • There is a 6 Month contract with this company and can only be cancelled without HEFTY penalty fees unless cancelled by the rep Clay King. Note: No one has been able to reach him. So BEWARE before you choose this option just to save $7 a month.
  • If you make any mistakes in your application or verification process questions at the end of the application, your application could be delayed by days if not weeks.
  • Monthly is $19.95
  • Does not accept American Express
  • Transaction fee is roughly 3%


  • It is $10 less a month than the Authorize.net
  • The system automatically sets up the monthly subscriptions. (It is a simple process to do that in the back of your Authorize.net above, so this isn't really a deciding factor)
  • If the Application is filled out perfectly and all the authorization questions are answered correctly at the end of the application process, merchant accounts are usually set up within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Bad Credit is not an issue with this company
  • Customer support is available 24/7 but they do not have the ability to cancel you account without authorization from their agent (who is very hard to get a hold of)

NOTE: Most people that sign up directly without speaking to you, and this will happen a lot, usually go to the first video and follow those instructions for this merchant account vendor. If you get a notification that you had a new member join, please send them a welcome email with the link to this team site so they know what their options are.

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5) Setting your members up on their monthly subscriptions on Authorize.net

Best time to set up your customers monthly subscriptions is the same day they join. YOU MUST DO THIS in order to be paid each month for your customers!

When a customers pays- Log in to your https://account.authorize.net with your user ID and password>Go to Search at the top>Under settlement date click on the drop down arrow and put in Date From and for To>Scroll down to the bottom and  Click on SEARCH> You will then see all transactions> Click on the transaction ID number on the left hand side of the list> Then click on Create ARB Subscription from Transaction (Blue link on the right) All information should be in > Under Subscription Interval click the drop down menu and choose 'Every' so it says every month-Make sure dot button is highlighted>Start Date-If you do not do this process the same day, you will need to set the start date to be the day they started. This is why this process is easier if you do this the same day you are paid.> Under Subscription Duration it should read ‘No End Date’ with the dot button highlighted. This is usually defaulted to No End Date so if it is leave it that way>Scroll to bottom and click submit-If you don’t click submit you will not get paid monthly! That's it!

Eventually this will be automatic and we will let everybody know. If you have any trouble call customer support at Authorize.net at: 18774473938 There is also a live chat if you want to use that!

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Suggested Email to send to your warm market
The following attachment below can be cut and pasted in to an email and has worked really well. You will also see other email suggestions sent to you daily and in your back office. But here is one you can use right now!

Sample email you can swipe.docx Sample email you can swipe.docx
Size : 247.805 Kb
Type : docx


This company has free voicemail and allows you to have more than 45 emails voicemails before it starts to delete them if you dont clear them yourself. It also gives you 30 days to be inactive before they cancel your voicemail. If you do any advertizing with your number in it or want to record a message for people that has your website, you can use this voicemail without publishing your personal number all over the net. Its easy to set up and convenient for marketing. You need to call it and leave a message at least once in a a 30 day period, if you are not using it, or it will cancel.

7) How the comp plan works:

You pass up the 2nd, 4th, 6th and then every 5th person after that. This is the $25 level comp plan. The $100 level is based on the number of upgrade that occurs. You pass up the 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th $100 upgrade. This is not based on the number person but the by the sale of that product.

Think of each level as a separate sale. You don't passup the person, you passup the sale from that specific product, whether it's the $25, $100 (The only two monthly subscriptions), $500 (one time purchase) or any of the other products you own.

You pass up your 2, 4, 6, 11 ...etc...sale....

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 If you purchased The Costa Rica Intensive training for $500(one time purchase) you are able to resell it. The first person to purchase that $500would pay YOU. The 2nd purchase of that program would be a passup, the 3rd would go to you and the 4th would be a passup and so forth, per the 2,4,6 and every 5th comp plan scenario.   complan video     please wait for it to download.

8)  Watch the Fast Start Videos at Empower Network

Now you are ready to watch your fast training videos in the back office by logging in to your site at https://www.empowernetwork.com/login.php and start Blogging!      need leads ?

9) What do I blog about?

Blogging is a nebulous idea for most people. But all you need to blog about is your life, your experience in this business, your dog, your views on life, etc. The more important thing is that on your blog that is set up by Empower Network, you have your banner for your business there. The most important thing is to blog on a regular basis. A minimum of 5 times a week. You can cut and paste and blog just about anything. The more you blog the more people will hit your blog and then click on your banner and join and be placed in your organization. That's all there is to it!

To educate yourself on how to be a great blogger go to this site and read about the content. Don't worry about SEO and other things like that. You can also google other sites on how to successfully blog but this is a good place to get some great ideas:



If you are not at the $100 level then upgrade as quickly as you can or you will be passing $100 to your upline. Purchase the $500 Costa Rica Intensive as soon as you can as well to be able to sell that as well.Talk to your inviter when you are ready to upgrade!

11) LEADS LEADS LEADS!!  Get them here click here to visit our lead page

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